Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Halo Reach (Steak Knives)

(Finally) Finished Halo Reach on the XBOX 360 tonight.  I'd set it down for a long time, and only recently picked it back up after being tantalized by my nephews playing it at my place while visiting.

I set it down owing to other life demands - not a fault in the title.  Still, this was a standard issue Halo experience, and for the final title in the franchise (the developer, Bungie, is retiring but 'selling' the brand), I guess I hoped for a little more novelty - call it 'going out with a bang.'  Halo Reach didn't go out with a bang, sadly.  A nice tight effort, sure.  

To be fair, Halo has raised the bar a whole hell of a lot over the years, and I haven't (and don't plan to) test the legs of the multi-player component on 'Reach,' a facet that helped build the brand.

 Also, it's important to include that it's a very 'pretty' game.  The panorama in most levels is almost distracting, given the need to focus on the immediate action.  Nice touch.

Good, good fun.  Not a classic though...

[In the interest of full disclosure/bragging rights, I played on 'heroic' difficulty - the way it was meant to be played...]


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