Monday, January 3, 2011

Robert Kurson's 'Shadow Divers' (Steak Knives)

Shadow Divers was a very engrossing read. I fell right in.

I don't know much about diving, and a healthy fear of deep, dark open water limits me to enjoying such adventure vicariously. It was a fine balance between history and exploration/adventure. As I say, a very engrossing read.

It left me unsure how much I should admire the bravery of these wreck divers, and equally stunned by how much preventable risk and stupidity dripped from the pages. Still, I found this pulled me in further and further.

In short, a WWII Uboat is discovered at about 230 feet off the coast of New Jersey, and a handful of divers stop at nothing to try to identify it (as no Uboat is recorded in the official history as going down here*). This is no easy task in the rotted out hulk resting at dangerous depth for all but the most specialized (and crazy/brave) deep divers. It costs several their lives.

If nothing else, this was just a fun read about a subject I know next to nothing about.

Now on to some fiction, I think.

*Note: After finishing this, I scanned back over some Amazon reviews for another lead in the genre. It seems that a 'expose' or rebuttal of Shadow Divers is available, though my cursory review of 'the internets' suggests that it's thin stuff, and cosmetic. Still, here's the link for the interested...

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