Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Graphic Novel - Kick Ass (Cadillac)

I actually read this a few books ago, but hadn't gotten to posting on it. I was spurred on by catching the film version (albeit, 15 mins into it), and having real mixed feelings on it (visually stunning and an amazing action, but straying from what was a solid and serious story to one too timid or ignorant to actually realize the spirit of the story on the big screen. But I digress...

The graphic novel is Cadillac through and through. bold in scope but equally grounded and modest. a kid - 'any kid' - actually acts on that impulse all boys (at least readers of comic books, IMHO) actually had to BE a masked vigilante/hero.
While beloved by the (internet) public at large, he's still in way over his head. hilarity ensues.

Well conceived, well written and well drawn. There are only so many classics, so it's a happy day when i tumble across one or finally get to it.

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