Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Graphic Novel - Batman: The Long Halloween (Steak Knives)

Loeb and Sale's 'Batman: The Long Halloween' is a solid entry into the Batman canon, sliding into the time line just past Frank Miller's classic story arc 'Batman: Year One.'

It's important to remember in reading this that it was originally published in the 90's, though several years following 'Year One', well before the films that re-launched the Batman franchise on the big screen. If 'Batman Begins' is more or less the same story as 'Year One', then 'Dark Knight' is a slightly more abstracted version of 'Long Halloween.'

While more rich than 'Year One', the art comes off as too detailed by half as a natural follow up to it. Still, I very much enjoyed the tone set by the imagery, again recalling that this is a piece from the late 90's that set the mood for the films that followed. For the most batman-mythos nerdy (or simply lovers of seeing classic characters fleshed out), it provides very human characters in Gordon and Dent, something the film-makers of the last two Batman movies were well advised in holding on to...

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