Friday, December 17, 2010

ex machina vol.10: term limits (cadillac)

i received this between my screen and front doors 2 days ago as the last instalment of a bday gift from juli (it was pre-ordered, and only published in CAN at the end of november). i'd been waiting. this series, by writer brian k. vaughan, has been nothing short of gripping for me. it's hard to think of somebody i'd recommend this to, which is strange. i'd say it's an important read, but i'm not sure that it's to anybody else's specific tastes.

a strange device explodes and gives our hero the ability to talk to (and control) all machines. this ability gives him the power to stop the second plane from slamming into the world trade centre and he rides this feat to the mayor's office in NY. the series follows his first and only term (self limited) whence he's turned away from vigilantism in favour of political office. quite a premise. jesus, it's good. as another reviewer noted, it's 'west wing' meets comic books.

the close to the series was strong to the climax. impressive and on par with all that came before.

the final few chapters just broadsided me...

no spoilers here, but the close, while controversial, moved this series from a solid effort to an absolute classic. i'm still coming to terms with it a day after finishing 'ex machina' and while i'm very disappointed in one sense, the overriding feeling is awe and respect for vaughan's writing.

wow. just wow...

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