Friday, October 15, 2010

Hitchens' "Missionary Position"

I love Hitchens, I really do...

When I think 'acid wit', I see Hitchens in my head, smoking a cigarette and drinking scotch (or whatever that amber liquid is that always seems to be in his glass).

I was totally on board with the concept of his 'Missionary Position', a scathing expose of Mother Theresa as opportunist and fraud, if only to cast an objective eye on this attack on a sacred cow (no pun in any way intended).
While it entertained, of course, I must admit I found the evidence and argument thin. Not false, but 'grey.' It comes in at 97 pages in geriatric font size, so perhaps it just left me wanting for more depth.

A solid 'steak knives', but I'd hoped for something closer to 'God Is Not Great', which was highly entertaining if not additionally persuasive (I'd already settled on agnosticism a goodly while ago).

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socionaut said...

Just found out that Hitchens is in the midst of very taxing chemo for esophageal cancer. These are the wages of iconic cigarette smoking status, a lesson to us all. Get well Hitch...