Monday, April 23, 2007

the long emergency - cadillac (sadly)

well, it's been a while (busy with work, etc.), but here's the latest review.
i finished 'the long emergency' by james howard knustler about 1.5 weeks ago. really, the only reason i picked it up is that i already own a book called 'the long boom' and figured it would be an interesting counter point.
knustler's book is a portrait of the near future as we pass 'peak oil' and the shit really hits the fan in earnest. rather sobering stuff. while he succumbs to the usual hysteria one would expect from the 'sky is falling' genre, his ability to reason through chains of cause and effect were quite compelling at times, and really did make me think (and worry) about our prospects as a culture of indulgence, resting on the backs of others, and a finite supply of cheap fossil fuels - a one time gift not so easily replaced by other energy sources (which often presuppose fossil fuels to drive, support or sustain them).
in short, worth reading. you just wont feel good as you do it, or when you finish. it may make you want to buy a hobby farm and a long gun, though...

details - the long emergency

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